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Jewelry Appraisals

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Achikian Goldsmiths recommends having any piece of jewelry you wear frequently and could not easily afford to replace (i.e. wedding set, engagement ring, diamond stud earrings, a fine watch, etc.) to be appraised and insured. We provide a complimentary jewelry appraisal, by request, on each piece of fine jewelry purchased from our store, whether it is a custom piece or one from our collection. Achikian Goldsmiths provides appraisals for all pieces of fine jewelry and watches - whether new, estate pieces, or family heirlooms. Jewelry appraisals are conducted at our shop by a certified GIA gemologist. You will receive two copies of the appraisal, one for your personal records and one for insurance purposes, which provide a detailed description of the piece, including weights and measurements of the stones and metals and a current replacement value.

Achikian Goldsmiths recommends having your jewelry appraisals updated every three to five years to reflect current replacement values. Gold values continue to soar. If you haven't reviewed your jewelry appraisals lately, you could be undervaluing your possessions. We offer updated appraisals, by request, on any piece of fine jewelry purchased from our store for FREE. Appraisals may also be required for estate tax evaluation, value comparison, liquidation, collateral, or divorce.

Call 703-255-2255 or email to make an appointment for your jewelry appraisal. Typically, we will need the piece for a day or two and then mail your appraisal shortly thereafter. Appraisals begin at $75/piece however, we may offer discounts for multiple pieces depending upon the intricacy of each piece. Discounts are available on appraisal updates for pieces previously appraised by Achikian Goldsmiths.

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